A piece of happiness

from enthusiastic bosses

Lucky stalwarts for our #guestenthusiasts

For every moment of happiness with a guest or colleague, you get a piece of happiness back.

Each lucky token stands for a special performance at the guest or an extraordinary effort in the team.

When values become visible

The Glückstaler is intended to visibly recognize your special performance, because it is valuable to us when our employees live our philosophy.

The lucky coin has a value of 10.00 euros and can be used as desired:

Bringing joy into your professional life

Regardless of your position at the Tuxerhof, whether you are an active employee or a former #guestenthusiast: Our team thrives on people who tick like you!
For every recommendation that leads to an employment relationship, we will give you 400 Euros as a bonus, as well as a bottle of Tuxerhof Champ to toast!

Further interesting thoughts