One kitchen
like in a storybook

The Tuxerhof kitchen was renewed in 2018 and equipped with the latest appliances. Sophisticated logistics, lots of light and plenty of space guarantee our chefs work at the highest level.

Küchenchef Maik

The 34-year-old young chef has been standing at the stove of the Tuxerhof for more than 10 years now. Here he can reconcile his passion for cooking, but also his love for Tyrol and the mountains and, since 2011, his great love Janine.

I am bursting with energy and creativity when I am back at the stove after skiing in the fresh air. The sport activity helps me to get rid of everyday worries and stress. So rested and yet full of energy, I can give my best in the kitchen every day.

Working environment

● 8 cooks in summer

● 11 Cooks in winter

Regular feedback discussions

Partial duty or through duty individually possible


completely new induction stove

● 2 combi steamers, Thermomix

● Pacojet, blast freezer, pasta stove

● Ground level day cold storage

● own pattiserie cold storage

Other special features

● Cooking jackets are washed

● Flexible vacation arrangement

● Open menu design with all chefs

Regional suppliers of products preferred

Sous Chefin Maria

At the side of our chef Maik, Maria enters the culinary stage of the Tuxerhof as another woman of the Schneeberger family. In her unique creations, she combines a high degree of creativity with a love of nature and the Zillertal homeland.

The individual talents of our team members mesh perfectly like a cogwheel. Above all, it is our personal experience and sense of high-quality ingredients that allow us as a team to create great taste experiences every day.

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