Host set the scene

We want to make our guests feel at home from the very first second. It is about the small pleasures of everyday life, a friendly smile, a greeting in the morning or the fried egg in the right consistency, without the guest having to mention this extra every time.

Head of F&B - Maximilian

Our restaurant manager and travel enthusiast Anne, discovered her home port at the Tuxerhof after many years on the high seas. Together with her team, she accompanies our guests every day into a world of culinary delight.

A very good restaurant consists of more than just brilliant dishes and attentive service. There are especially the people behind it, who fill a space with enthusiasm and transform it into a place of experience.

Service with heart

  • Organized workflows
  • Commis de Rang at each station
  • Plenty of time for communication with the guest
  • Partial duty or through duty individually possible

The daughters' parlors

The elegant and cozy restaurant consists of several individually furnished parlors:

  • Andrea parlor
  • Maria parlor
  • Theresa parlor
  • Hunter’s parlor
  • Dining room

Other special features

  • Work clothes provided
  • flexible vacation planning
  • A say for every employee

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